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Installation References

A sampling of companies and applications who have implemented eServices

An East coast waste disposal company

     The waste company archives both commercial and residential bills.
    The archive is accessible from over 60 customer service locations. 
    Group Access Control provides separate views for each location.

A California newspaper

    The newspaper archives bills and green bar reports.
    The archive holds bills that are created in multiple formats.
    Seldom accessed reports go straight to CD for long term storage.

A food distributor

    The food company scans and archives delivery tickets and summaries.
    The archive is balanced to find missing and free documents.
    Documents are stored online a year to assist in billing disputes.

A regional telecommunications company

    The company replaced an unsuccessful, first generation EBPP system.
    The archive now contains all bills not just EBPP bills.
    Customer service payments by phone provides added benefits.

A large, multi-unit healthcare enterprise

    The enterprise replaced several disparate payment systems with one.
    Voice response systems increase payment collection.
    Each facility receives a unique remittance file in the format needed.
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