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Electronic Billing and Payment Systems

bullet Whyis it called Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)?
bullet Why are companies implementing electronic billing systems?
bullet How much does an EBPP system typically cost?
bullet How long does it take to get a system installed?
bullet What about security?
bullet I hear the terms B2B and B2C, what do they mean?
bullet What is the most important thing I need to consider about an electronic bill presentment and payment system?
bullet What about standards, I hear they're important?
bullet How much will I have to change my current statement?
bullet Why can't I get an electronic bill that looks just like my paper bill?
bullet I hear the term "payment reversal" used in conjunction with electronic payments,
why is that -aren't all electronic payments preauthorized?

eArchive Document Storage

bullet Why do you store all the billing documents on the Web site?
bullet Why would I want to place other documents in eArchive?
bullet How long can I keep documents in eArchive?
bullet Since you assemble the electronic documents from my prints stream what

print formats do you support?
bullet How does the information you need to have for developing the electronic

documents get to you?
bullet What is this Data Nugget technology you talk about?
bullet Why do you use PDF files?
bullet I've heard PDF files can take up a lot of room and slow down your network?
bullet Can I e-mail documents from eArchive to customers or does that require eDelivery

bullet Can I interface eArchive to my Customer Relationship Management system?
bullet Where does the eArchive reside?
bullet Is the eArchive database secure against hackers?
bullet My company has spent a lot of money building a customer Intranet - is there

any way I can use the system we have developed for controlling access to

your CTP Solutions EBPP site?
bullet Why is eArchive a stand alone service - isn't it a requirement for EBPP?
bullet Why can't I use my own Web site for eArchive?

Do I have my own Web site if I use CTP Solutions?

bullet How reliable are your systems?

e Delivery Courier

bullet Why do you call it eDelivery Courier?
bullet If I can e-mail bills from eArchive whydo I need eDelivery Courier?
bullet How does my customer service agent know if a caller has registered for electronic delivery?
bullet How soon after I sendthe customer information to you are the bills sent out electronically?
bullet How do you know to send a bill electronically?
bullet What insures a customer won't get both a paper and an electronic bill?
bullet You can send documents attached to e-mail as a PDF. What about my

customer that don't have a current Acrobat reader?
bullet Doesn't using PDF slow my customers system down?
bullet What about the security of PDF attachedto e-mails?
bullet Why do you offer eDelivery Courier as a separate product if it's required

for EBPP?

eLockbox Payments

bullet Can my customers pay on the web without getting electronic delivery?
bullet Do you handle all kinds of credit cards?
bullet Can I use my own bank accounts?
bullet What other charges will I have besides your transaction charge for credit card

bullet Do I need a new merchant account?
bullet I hear the terms eCheck, debit transaction, debit card, and EFT (electronic

funds transfer) used to describe non check payments. Are they different?
bullet What other charges will I have besides your transaction chargefor debit card payments?
bullet How fast do I get my money after a payment is made?
bullet What abut customers who pay electronically before a bill is issued?
bullet Can I show customers all the payment history or just the ones made online?
bullet How does your + Paper option interface to my lockbox?
bullet How do I know if someone has signed up for electronic payment?
bullet How do I know what payments are made each day?
bullet How does the daily payment information get into my A/R posting system?
bullet Does the system provide customers with receipts?
bullet If customers send me an e-mail about a bill do I pay a delivery charge like I do

for bills?
bullet How do I reverse payments, and what does it cost?
bullet Can I interface eLockbox Payments to my CRM system?
bullet I hear not many customers sign up for electronic billing - is this true?
bullet Why do you offer eLockbox Payments as a separate product if it's required for


eInvoice Delivery

bullet What does eInvoice contain in terms of your other products?
bullet Why do you offer this as a service instead of just having customers buy

the component eService?
bullet What do I give up to get a packaged solution?
bullet Does eInvoice Delivery take a long time to install?
bullet We have been evaluating CRM systems. Can I use eInvoice Delivery in place

of a CRM system and save the money?
bullet Realistically how many statements a month to I have to send out before I can

justify an CTP Solutions EBPP system.

CTP Solutions Approach to Electronic Billing

bullet Why do you offere-billing as a service instead of installing a software product?
bullet Is there any way I can integrate your solution into my Web site?
bullet As my volumes grow doesn't your solution become very expensive?
bullet What about overall security - wouldn't my e-billing solution be more secure if I ran it on my own system?
bullet I'm in the Health Care industry and HIPAA is critical to us. Are you compliant with HIPAA regulations?
bullet How do I know your systems will continue to be reliable?
bullet What other services does CTP Solutions provide?
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