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Higher adoption rates equal a higher ROI ...

Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment (EBPP) systems clearly reduce expense.  Vendors of EBPP systems and consultants are unanimous in identifying the following as ways EBPP can save you money:

bullet Increase in cash flow; customers get bills faster and pay faster
bullet Reduction in customer service expenses, by enabling a shift to self-service customer support
bullet Reduction in the operating cost associated with generating and sending bills and statements

The potential for savings in these areas is great, but the reality is often much different.  Many companies, after spending extraordinary amounts of money to implement a  system, fail to realize the savings they expected from EBPP.

Why? The common denominator in each of these areas is that they are dependent on customer behavior.  Customer self-service doesn't reduce expenses if customers don't use it.  And electronic billing and payment are only effective in reducing expenses if customers accept them as viable alternatives to the paper methods they currently use. 

The CTP Solutions eServices EBPP solution is focused on the needs of the end user, the bill payer.  In addition to the standard electronic delivery and payment functions present in most systems, our solution has four features which are designed to make electronic bill payment easier then paying with paper.  Features not found in other EBPP systems.

  1. Electronic bills look exactly like printed bills
    Documents stored in eArchive are a faithful reproduction of the bills you print and send to your customers. This means the customer doesn't have to learn a new billing format or translate from their paper bill to an electronic one.  Like most businesses, you have probably spent a significant amount of time and money insuring your bills contain all required data and are easy to understand.  An EBPP system should not force you to throw that investment away.
  2. All billing documents are maintained in an online archive
    Billing documents for the period are stored in eArchive and are kept there as long as you like.  This insures that customers who want to get information about current or past period bills can get it from your EBPP Web site without needing the intervention of a customer service agent.  And since the information is a replica of the bill your customer is used to receiving, there is minimal chance for confusion.

  3. The delivery and payment processes are totally separate
    With most EBPP solutions when the customer enrolls for electronic delivery, they are required to pay electronically.  This presents problems for bill payers concerned about placing payment information on the Internet. We have alleviated this concern by totally separating the delivery and payment processes.  The customer can choose to receive their bill electronically and pay with a paper check. 

    How do we accomplish this?  Since the electronic and paper bill, are identical the customer can print the bill they receive electronically and then send the coupon portion with a check. All payment information including lockbox fonts and other payment processing information is properly rendered to insure the payment is processed through the paper payment system successfully.

    Customers can also elect to continue receiving their bills via mail but pay electronically using our Pay Now feature.  Of course the customer can choose an all-electronic option including setting up rules for the automatic payment (auto pay) of bills.
  4. Customers can view and pay bills via secure e-mail
    The final feature of the CTP Solutions EBPP service which sets us apart from others is secure bill delivery with e-mail reply auto pay.  If the customer chooses they can have bills sent to them as an encrypted e-mail attachment. And, if they have enrolled for electronic payment and selected the e-mail auto pay option, they can pay the bill by responding to the e-mail  This gives your customers the ability to receive, review, and pay their bill without leaving the comfort of their e-mail system.

    To insure a customer never misses a bill we have developed technology that enables us to be certain about the delivery of an e-mail to the payers electronic post office.  If for some reason an e-mail is rejected, your customer service receives the bounced e-mail and the problem is documented on the "Could Not Deliver" report. 
A Return On Investment (ROI) has two factors; income or reduction in expenses which can be realized through the investment, and the investment itself.  We have discussed the benefits, now, let' talk about the size of the investment required.

Your investment in an EBPP system has three components: the initial cost of the solution, the cost of implementation and the subsequent cost to operate it.  Since the CTP Solutions  solution is a service not a software package it doesn't require a large capital investment.  The CTP Solutions implementation expense is a fraction of what you might pay for competing services. After examining our low monthly cost and high quality service, we think you'll agree there is no better value anywhere, at any price. To calculate the return on the investment you would make in an CTP Solutions EBPP solution.
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