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Special Options

Special Options for Special Needs

In addition to the standard features there are some options for eServices products which are quoted on an individual basis. We do this for several reasons:
  • They require a more complex interface to biller systems which must be priced on an individual basis.
  • They are designed to provide function unique to specific customers.

eArchive Document Processing Special Options

Additional Indexing adds additional indexes over and above the four indexes provided in the base price. A standard index is derived from data fields that are unique within the document and the index is tied to the data element and to the specific location of that data element in the document. There are times when a customer may require additional indexes based on the need for deeper “drill down” capability within eArchive.
It is also possible to have a field which appears in different locations to be used as an index more then one time. If a field appears in multiple locations within a document and you want every occurrence indexed, this would be considered a total of two indexes. For example, if the customer number appears at the top and bottom of a bill and a biller wanted to be able to access documents by that number in either location it would be considered two indexes. The key is to remember that an index is a specific data element in a specific location on a document.

Trusted Gateway is an optional feature which allows applications such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Financial system to retrieve documents from eArchive Document Service without using the standard eArchive Customer Service interface. This is especially useful when an existing system is the primary customer service interface and the client is seeking minimum disruption to their current practices.

eLockbox Payments Special Options

Custom A/R Format provides for the daily remittance advice to be customized to your specifications. Information is taken from the scan line and compiled to provide you with a means of updating you’re A/R system automatically.

Integrated Payment Gateway enables your customers to see both on-line and paper lockbox payments on the Web. It integrates transactions from outside of eLockbox Payments into the on-line payment history. You transmit a file such as your A/R posting file to us and we apply transactions originated elsewhere into the on-line payment history. During this process any electronic payments made through eLockbox Payment Service are detected and removed to prevent double posting.

Without this feature, only payments made using eLockbox payment history can be viewed on the Web.
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