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eLockbox Payment Services

From one time payments to an Electronic Lockbox:
  • Provides a wide variety of payment options
  • Payments can be made by responding to an e-mail delivery of a bill
  • Supports customer service telephone payments
  • Accelerates posting of payments and insures a higher level of accuracy
  • Reduces services expense

eLockbox Payment Services are designed to make it easy for your customers to make electronic payments. Direct debit (eCheck), credit card, and paper are supported. Payments can be made at the Web site, via customer service, or simply by responding to an e-mail. Since the presented e-mail bill is an original, a customer can print; clip the coupon and mail payments just as they do today. You donít have to miss the convenience of offering electronic delivery because your customers may be uncertain about electronic payments.

  • eLockbox Payment Services provides full credit card payment processing including real time authorization and data capture.
  • eLockbox Payment Services can enable your customer service to accept payments over the phone via eCheck or credit card.
  • eLockbox Payment Services provides an electronic remittance advice (ERA) for your system and makes electronic deposits to your bank account. Accounts Receivable Integration can optionally include both statement and line item posting.
  • eLockbox Payment Services can also work with a paper lockbox at your bank to insure maximum productivity for payment processing. As an option we will merge the electronic remittance file from your lockbox with on-line payments to simplify posting, reconciliation and balancing.
  • eLockbox Payment Services enables your customer service agents to make voids and reversals of customer payment transactions on-line.
  • eLockbox Payment Services implementation is quick and efficient. You are offered a high degree of granularity in the options available to you so that you can tailor a payment solution to meet the needs of your business.
  • Payment Service is the foundation for eLockbox Payments and supports accepting credit card and debit (also called eCheck or EFT) payments from your enrolled customers and aggregating those payments for posting into your system.

A debit payment occurs when a payer chooses to pay from a checking account instead of a credit card. The payer account is debited and a credit, representing the total of all debits on that day, is deposited into the biller checking account. The ACH (Automated Clearinghouse) supports these debits and the biller credit. Debit payments are not balance authorized and can be returned for NSF just like checks.

For credit card payments you may choose among MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express; and use your own merchant accounts or use a merchant account from one of our preferred providers. A lockbox scan line is required to support the Payment Service. If you do not have a lockbox scan line we will design one for you. Debit cards are treated as credit cards for the purpose of payment processing.
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