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eInvoice Delivery Service

When it comes to electronic payments we deliver...

  • Contains all standard functions of eArchive Document Services.
  • Includes full delivery services including via e-mail
  • All the payment features in eLockbox Payments are embedded
  • eInvoice Delivery Service is composed of eArchive Document Service, eDelivery Courier Service and eLockbox Payment Service and is a total electronic bill delivery and payment service.
  • eInvoice Delivery Service is affordable for smaller businesses but has the scalability to handle volumes of Fortune 500 companies
  • eInvoice Delivery Service provides a competitive edge due to its power and flexibility

Document Services

Every billing document is on-line and available to your customer for immediate payment. There is no required enrollment to inhibit the payer to utilize the system. And the billing document they see is identical to the one they receive in the mail so no explanation is required

Delivery Services

We make electronic delivery easy to use. Your customer doesn't have to go to a Web site, sign on, view the bill and then pay. He can view the bill by simply clicking on the PDF attached to the e-mail he receives from your system.

Payment Services

From one time to scheduled future payments our system provides a broad range of payment options to your customers. If they are receiving their bill via e-mail they can even pay automatically via a return e-mail response. And they can use credit or debit cards as well as eCheck to pay.
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