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Customer Service Document Drilldown

Customer service can use the archive for any customer not just those choosing electronic delivery. When a customer calls with a question about their bill the fact that both the customer and agent are looking at the same document helps minimize confusion. Furthermore, it enables any of your customers to pay bills without enrolling for electronic delivery. Customer service can use the archive to “drill down” and review any customer documents.

  • You can make your Customer Service Agents more productive by having all the documents used in customer communication in Archive. These could include past due reminders and inserts, as well as bills and statements. This way the customer, by going to the Web site, may actually be able to resolve the issue without the need for customer service. And, if a call is necessary, the agent can review while the customer is on the line.
  • We color code accounts so your customer service agents can tell immediately if a customer has signed up for electronic delivery without accessing the customer’s profile. To see if the customer has established payment accounts in their electronic “wallet” the agent will have to click on their name and open their profile.
  • A payment reversal tool for use by your customer service agents is a standard part of our system.
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