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Point-of-Service Attach / Card Swipe Reader

Point-of-Service Attach / Card Swipe Reader is an optional feature which interfaces low cost card swipe and/or MICR line readers to a workstation running eServices. This enables POS credit card payments to be classified as card present payments which will result in significantly lower merchant account fees.

POS Attach provides eServices users the capability to have PC attached credit card swipe readers and/or check MICR line readers at points of service (POS) within their organization. This capability will provide four significant benefits:

1. Reduction in credit card payment processing fees
2. Reduction of the time required to capture a payment transaction
3. Reduction in data entry errors
4. With checks a reduction in the

While the system can utilize most USB attached readers we recommend the MagTek Mini MICR POS terminals. Mini MICR’s rugged and durable design will provide years of daily use. With over 1 million check readers installed worldwide, Mini MICR is in service today with major retailers and financial institutions reading billions of checks annually.


  • The MICR data is automatically read from checks in a quick, single-pass Transaction time and manual entry errors are significantly reduced
  • Mini MICR can easily format the MICR data to match any application input requirements
  • Mini MICR’s horseshoe design creates the smallest footprint with no additional counter space required to allow for check movement
  • Addition of a card reader to the top of the Mini MICR makes it the perfect solution for credit card swipe as well as MICR line reading.
  • At the POS, Mini MICR’s reliability and functionality are ideal for check verification and check conversion applications
  • Ease of Use The easy drop-and-push movement to feed the check facilitates operator training No complicated alignments required to feed the check


  • Reads MICR characters on checks, deposit, withdrawal slips and other MICR encoded documents
  • Optional 3-track MSR (Magnetic Stripe Reader) for ISO and AAMVA card standards
  • Can be connected to MagTek's IntelliPIN for PIN entry
  • Reads E13-B and CMC-7 MICR fonts

POS Attach provides the Active X controls to drive the suggested device for the purpose of reading credit card mag stripe and MICR line information. The payment process automatically reflects the payment as a card present or card absent payment, and saves receipts so they can subsequently be displayed and reprinted either through the activity or payment list. To insure correct receipt management at POS the system automatically prints two (2) receipts for POS payments.

Since business checks cannot be converted to eChecks the system includes the ability to handle these as standard check payments without the ACH transaction. These payments are entered through an alternate screen and are accounted for separately on payment reports
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