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AutoPay is an optional feature that makes it possible for your customers to pay bills automatically. A payer can set up rules, such as: “Pay this account from my checking 3 days after it is received unless the amount is greater than $150.00.” A special rule allows paying a bill when the payer replies to an e-mail notifying them the bill is due for payment.

AutoPay also allows a payment to be future dated instead of making a payment immediately as in the standard eLockbox Payment Service.

PayNow is an option that places a payment icon anywhere on your Web site. Any payer, whether enrolled in electronic delivery or not, may click on the icon allowing them to make immediate payment by credit card or eCheck. Pay Now validates the account number against the archive and remits these payments along with other eLockbox Payment Service transactions.
More information about Pay Now is available click here to read more!)

Customer Service Payments is an optional module of the eLockbox Payment Service that supports your customer service agents by allowing them to accept payments for any bill. This means they can accept payments-by-phone for any payer whether the payer is enrolled for electronic delivery or not. When using Customer Service Payments, the Activity Log, the Note Tracker and Customer Service E-mail features of eDelivery Courier Services are available directly from the eArchive Document Service screen. To read more about customer service payments click here
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