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About CTP Solutions Services

Electronic Services

CTP Solutions provides a suite of services focused on helping businesses manage and extend the reach of documents they use to communicate with customers. It includes the following components.

Document Archive Storage

This is the foundation product for eServices based Customer Service and Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment solutions. It is the management and archival facility for electronic documents which are created from the print stream used to generate paper documents. These electronic documents are mirror images of paper documents.

Invoice & Document Delivery Service

This is the facility which provides document access to your customers. It includes the capability to send documents as encrypted attachments to an email. It also makes them available for viewing on a Web site. The delivery of documents via e-mail is certified to the recipientís e-mail post office in-box.

Electronic Lockbox And Payment Service

Provides the ability to handle both credit card and electronic funds transfer debits (commonly known as e-checks), and includes a broad range of payment services. These include the ability for: Customer Service Agents to take payments over the phone Customers to make payments without registering Combines all of the above system with functions not available in any other product or service in the market. Along with additional information which details security enhancements available for eServices a well as modules which are available to meet specialized needs.
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